Why we should boycott CNN?

CNN aired a program demeaning Hindus around the world in its first episode of the "believer series". Its controversial director Reza Aslan picked a small sect of Aghoris in Varanasi while stating his intent was to showcase a story about Hindus. There appears to be a deviant intent to depict Hindus as cannibals and to highlight the caste system. This is a smear campaign to malign Hindus around the world. CNN sought no advice or opinions of Hindu experts from our community before producing or airing the show. This will have disastrous effect on the psyche of our young children. It is humiliating and will result in Hinduphobia. We need to boycott CNN to seek justice for our cause and prevent NEWS MEDIA outlets in future to not to misuse their power of mass reach and trust to air stories and make us vulnerable. We are only 1% of the population and we need your support to make our voices heard and avoid a negative stereotype of Hindu bashing in USA and around the world.

Let us come together and protest CNN with the following goals:

Goal One

Educate the public about the controversial story that was broadcasted on CNN’s believer series by Reza Aslan.

Goal two

Educate the public about the various measures being taken by the Hindu world to protest the actions of CNN.

Goal three

Educate the world about the dangers of promoting Hinduphobia, racism, xenophobia and bigotry.

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Why you should make donation ?

Creating awareness about CNN’s anti Hindu bias is a global campaign. Generous support of the Hindu community is vital for the success of our campaign.

How to make donation ?

You can send a check made payable to USHA and send it to the address given at the bottom of the page. You can also make an online donation by clicking MAKE DONATION HERE tab below.

What is our goal ?

Our goal is to raise $100,000.00 US Dollars. Whether you wish to donate $10, $50, $100 or $25,000, we need your support today.

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Every Dollar you give to USHA will help protect the interests of our community.

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  • “We just came back from India on Saturday. We are American citizens and I was not pleased with the questions that were posed to me by the immigration officer.”

    Dr. Mahesh Mehta, Chairman, Council of Ambassadors, US Hindu Alliance

Frequently asked questions


Is boycottcnn.org affiliated with any organization?

Yes. Boycottcnn.org is an initiative of the US Hindu Alliance (USHA), a national non-profit organization of Hindus in America to promote and protect the rights and interests of Hindus worldwide.


Is this a political website?

No. This is a non-partisan, non-profit initiative aimed at educating the public about CNN’s media bias, unfair and unethical journalistic practices as it relates to the coverage on Hindus. We welcome those who are liberal, conservative, centrist and those who are independent or have no political views as long as they wish to protect Hindu interests.


Can any one volunteer for this initiative?

Yes. Any law-abiding citizen who believes and accepts the goals of the US Hindu Alliance (visit www.ushaonline.org for more information about the goals and activities of USHA) can apply for volunteering opportunities.


When will the boycott campaign?

Upon verification of compliance with all of the above demands set forth by USHA, the campaign will be suspended. In the absence of responsible and conciliatory gestures by CNN, the campaign will expand to include more actions by the Hindu world that will further diminish its reputation and revenues.


What are the USHA demands to CNN?

  • Apologize to Hindus around the world for insulting, defaming and denigrating the Hindu heritage and traditions.
  • Stop broadcast of the controversial story on the Aghori Sect, remove all information regarding the story from all CNN platforms and promise not to broadcast the same in the future.
  • Terminate CNN’s relationship with Reza Aslan, the controversial scholar/documentary producer and cancel his Believer Series show with immediate effect, which has become a great liability for CNN and has done immense and long term harm to more than 1 billion Hindus.
  • Agree to broadcast a one-week series on Hindus to be broadcast globally with inputs from the Hindu community and its USHA representatives.
  • Hire more Hindu Americans to enhance CNN’s diversity program and enrich its rich tradition of providing news around the globe.
  • Compensate the Hindu world for the damage caused by the irresponsible broadcast of the story on the Aghori sect. Compensation should be made to Hindu organizations striving to disseminate true facts and accurate information about Hindus such as the US Hindu Alliance, Infinity Foundation and the Hindu Students Council.
  • Initiate efforts to reach out to the Hindu world by responding to the requests for immediate dialogue with USHA representatives with the aim of finding a permanent resolution of all outstanding issues between CNN and Hindus.


Does one have to join USHA to support the boycott campaign?

No. Membership in USHA is not a requirement to support this initiative. We welcome any one who agrees with the goals of this initiative to offer their support.

"Those who wish to become usha members,please visit usha website..(www.ushaonline.org)"

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